Stokes Genealogy: A site for all Stokes-related families
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Who Are We Including In the Stokes Genealogy Website?

Anyone Named Stokes

Obviously, anyone with the last name Stokes or a variation thereof will be eligible to be listed. However, that category isn't broad enough—it doesn't include children of female Stokeses who gave their children their husbands' last names. So, although it is difficult, we also include all of them... which means this site is going to eventually have hundreds (thousands?) of names on it other than Stokes. After all, if your 3x great-grandmother Mary was a Stokes by birth and you're a Jones, you have just as much right to the Stokes history as your fourth cousin who happens to be descended through an all-male line from Mary's brother!

This includes adoptions, though I would appreciate it if any known adoptions were specifically labeled as such—My personal belief is that adopted children have a right to both of their families, but unknown adoptions can really screw up DNA results!

Relatives of Stokes Families

In any Stokes family, there's a good chance that half of the grandchildren will have names other than Stokes—and that number increases exponentially as we go down the generations. I believe that the aunts, uncles, and cousins of all of these individuals are important family members, too. While we won't be specifically focusing on extended non-blood-related relatives, if you have a well-documented tree that connects to the Stokes family at only one point, I will definitely consider including it.

Ancestors before the Stokes

Also, at some point the Stokes name was "invented." We all have ancestors who were not Stokeses because it just didn't go back that far. There was, apparently, a man named William De Stokes in 1068. His parents were reportedly Hubert DeRie and Albareda DeVielles of Normandy. Another report shows Ranulphus de Praers as Lord of Stoke, son of Hubert de Rie Baron... somewhere in there, there's probably some truth and a link to the history of that specific stokes line. Since Stoke is a place name, it is likely that there were several first "Lords of Stoke" at the same or different times in different places—and all of their ancestors had names other than Stokes!