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Privacy Policy

Most important note: If you are reading this page because you or your minor child (or adult under your care) is listed on this site (either on the official site pages or on the forum) and you do not want to be listed, just contact me and I will remove your data upon verification of your identity. I will require you to verify your identity to prevent malicious individuals from interfering with the site's prime purpose: connecting Stokes descendants with relatives in a positive, constructive way.

Second most important note: If you want to place some, but not all, of your data on this site so that relatives can find you, you are welcome to do so! I would be happy to place as much or as little data about you on the site as you wish and you may either provide your email address publicly or I will filter communications for you, if you prefer.

Creating a comprehensive privacy policy for a genealogical site is a difficult task. On the one hand, information like a person's mother's maiden name is supposed to be secure... on the other hand, not only do millions of people disclose this information on social networking sites like Facebook, but the whole point of genealogy is finding out about one's ancestors! And, specifically, this site is designed to help long-lost living relatives connect with each other. It is rather difficult to contact your long-lost cousin if you are unable to even obtain that person's name!

I originally wrote out a really complex privacy policy that covered whose information I would post, etc. but I really hate the ridiculously long policies on many sites. Therefore, I have come up with the following brief policy guidelines for data posted on the official non-user-created pages of this site. Please note that this does not include the forum, where I cannot control the content of posts until they are made. I will remove problem data from the forums on a case-by-case basis upon request. Otherwise, data posted in the forums is considered "posted publicly" and free game under this policy.

Simplified Privacy Policy

Information Passively Collected From Visitors

While I intend to keep this site free, at some point I hope to be able to recover some of the cost for my time and expense through advertising. In the course of advertising, I may be required to include tracking codes used by advertising companies. These will be industry-standard tracking codes such as you might find on any site utilizing advertising for revenue. Should I implement this in the future, additional information will be available regarding the specifics on this page.

Information You Submit or Make Public

Information Collected Through the Media

Simplified Use of Data Policy

Stock "use of data" policies don't work for this site because the goal is to make information available. So I've also simplified this policy.

So the following applies to all information except any standard data collected through advertising tracking (which will be detailed when it becomes an issue):