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The Descendants of:
Peter A Stokes (1797, Virginia - 1884, Indiana)

(Son of Berryman Stokes)

AKA: Peter Apperson Stokes, Peter Alexander Stokes

Note: This page was formerly titled, "The Descendants of Peter Apperson Stokes" but research has led me to people who list different middle names for this individual. As such, I've "removed" his middle name and added it as a sidenote. If you have written documentation with regard to his middle name, I would appreciate scans! Thank you!

This list represents the information I have regarding the descendants of Peter A Stokes, born in Virginia (some say Scotland, but I'm pretty sure it's Virginia—someday I'll post an explanation of why, or just ask me) in 1797, died in Indiana in 1884.

If you have relatives who belong on this list, please let me know and I'll be happy to add them! If you belong on this list, please let me know what information you are willing to share and I'll post it. If you would like people to contact you but don't want to post your contact information, let me know and I'll set up a link so that people can contact you through me.

This is my personal ancestry, so I am especially interested in this tree!


Berryman Stokes

I have placed Berryman Stokes on this page for lack of anywhere better to put him, for now, since I am hoping to find that he is Peter's father.


Elizabeth Epperson

Elizabeth appears here because she is linked with her husband, Berryman Stokes, whose placement is still in question.


Mary or Polly Stokes

I think, but am not sure, that Mary and Polly may be the same person. I'm making this guess based on the order in which the children's names appeared in her father's will and the order in which someone else listed them in a forum post.


William Stokes (1793 - )


Susanna(h?) Portwood (1799 - )


Evan Stokes (1820 - 1904)


Sarah Burton


Eliza J Stokes (1827 - )


Susanna Stokes (1833 - )


William Stokes (1835 - )


Frances Stokes (1836 - )


Rebecca Stokes


Nancy Stokes


Cynthea Stokes


Sally Stokes


Robert Firman Stokes


Wesley Strange Stokes (1844 - 1905)