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The Descendants of Francis Wyman of Woburn, Massachusetts

Francis Wyman is not a Stokes, in fact, he is five generations removed from the Stokes family member (Mary Amelia Stokes, 1802-1881) who brought him to my attention. However, as I have a wealth of data regarding several of his descendants and because, being a founder of our country, he is likely related to several other Stokes who I will encounter over time, I have chosen to include his family tree on this site separate from the biographies of his descendants so that it may appear in one central location rather than on several different pages.

I have little information about Mary Amelia Stokes other than her name, dates, and a reference that she is "of the North Carolina Stokes." If you have information about her, or any information to augment this tree (especially if you are or should be a part of it!), please let me know.

Wyman Family Tree, beginning with the father of Francis Wyman of Woburn, MA

Information on a gray background is unconfirmed and collected from various uncited sources that appear reliable, including some online family trees that seem to be well-researched. Care should be taken by the diligent genealogist in verifying this information before adding it, willy-nilly, to a well-researched family tree. If you find errors in this information or have documentation confirming it, I would appreciate it if you would let me know.

Names denoted by the "S" icon ([S]) are directly related to a Stokes family member as a descendant or a Stokes-specific ancestor (ancestors are only marked when they are an ancestor of someone who has the surname Stokes by birth).

Boynton Family Tree, beginning with Joseph Boynton


Individual Data

Francis Wyman of Woburn, MA (1619 - )

Francis Wyman of Hertfordshire, England

Benjamin Wyman (1767 - 1836)

Hannah Boynton (1773 - 1849)

Justus Wyman (1798 - 1855)

Mary Amelia Stokes (1802 - 1881)

William Stokes Wyman, Sr. (1830 - 1915)

Joseph Boynton (1731 - 1787)

Belser L. Wyman (1844 - 1879)

Mary Davidson (1853 - )

Lucretia Wyman

Sarah Wyman

Benjamin Leon Wyman, Sr. (1856 - )



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I referenced several biographies in this book, they may be found under the appropriate individual's name.

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The above source is an uncited website maintained by Martha A Churchill, an attorney in Michigan. Her information seems quite well organized and comprehensive and references several sources and documents (church records, wills, etc.), but does not include specific citations. As such, I am leaving this in the "maybe" category as designated by the gray background. I don't believe this is important enough to bother her about, but perhaps someday she'll happen across this page and drop me a note with her citations.

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