Stokes Genealogy: A site for all Stokes-related families
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How to Help with the Stokes Genealogy Website

If you are a Stokes or someone with an interest in Stokes genealogy, any contributions you can make would be welcome. Helpful contributions include:

Documentation Contributions

Data Analysis



DNA Donation

Your Opinion

Financial Contributions

THIS SITE IS FREE! I do not ask for any money whatsoever from users of this site, all of the information provided here is free. However, if you find yourself possessed of a few extra dollars and wish to contribute it to help cover my expenses in traveling for research and for maintaining this site, I wouldn't turn it down.

Manage a Stokes Line

I hesitate to post this publicly, which is why I'm doing it way at the bottom of the page, but I know I'm going to need help eventually—I'm not going to be able to keep track of everyone all by myself. So I will accept "applications" from individuals interested in keeping track of a Stokes line (other than my own). The position is not paid, since this site doesn't make any money, but I would appreciate it if applicants would look at it like a job—it's certainly something one could put on a resumé. I would expect a "Line Manager" to have extensive experience in genealogy, above-average intelligence and problem-solving skills, excellent written English skills, attention to detail, and a proven public contribution to the work of Stokes genealogy. This contribution, along with your writing skills, can be proven through long-term evidence of multiple public forum postings across the Internet. Basically, I want anyone managing a line to demonstrate a long-term dedication to research of the Stokes family's genealogy and to have more experience than I do! The line you manage doesn't have to be your own, though that would be nice.