Stokes Genealogy: A site for all Stokes-related families
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Stokes Genealogy

Also covering the ancestry and family history of: de Stokes, de Stokke, Stoak, Stoakes, Stoaks, Stoch, Stoches, Stock, Stocke, Stocken, Stocker, Stockes, Stockman, Stocks, Stok, Stoke, Stokel, Stokeley, Stokely, Stoken, Stoker, Stokesberry, Stokesbury, Stokess, Stokley, Stook, Stooker, Stookes, Stookesberry, Stookesbury, Stooks, Stooksberry, Stooksbury, and more.


Why Yet Another Stokes Genealogy Site?

Unlike most genealogy sites which focus on tracing one's ancestors back as far as possible, this site is dedicated to connecting the members of the various Stokes families with each other. There are several Stokes families which appear to be completely separate—my goal is to connect you not only with your cousins, but with other people who share your name and perhaps some of your interests. Certainly, many of the people who will spend any substantial time visiting this site will have at least a passing interest in genealogy!

I'm not trying to replace any of the existing Stokes genealogy or ancestry sites, I'm just trying to augment them by providing a place for research collaboration and networking. In fact, I hope that you will take full advantage of all of the other Stokes family history sites on the web, expand your tree to its fullest exent, and then come back and share what you have found! :) Please be sure to use common sense and good genealogical practices and get documentation on your findings.

Information Contributions Welcome!

This site is still quite new. I started it in October 2010 and genealogy is not my full-time job (though it's starting to feel like it is!). I will be adding things to the site on a weekly, if not daily basis over the next several months. If you have any suggestions, information to contribute, or find any errors, please let me know. I am interested in all Stokes and Stokes-related families, even those that have been several generations removed from the Stokes name—if you have a Stokes ancestor, you're still a part of one of the Stokes families, even if your name isn't Stokes!

Why Advertisements?
This site is a completely non-profit endeavor. However, I have placed advertisements on a few of the pages of the site in order to help recoup some of the expense of operating this site—it has turned into a nearly full-time job!